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Getting High Page Rank Backlinks: 8 Sources for Law Firms

Page Rank Backlinks

It's official: after Google Penguin punished over 5 percent of websites for using so-called “black hat” techniques for building links, not all backlinks are equal. Today, a website that uses exclusively low page rank backlinks will not be able to compete—it will quickly be considered spam by Google and will stay very low in search rankings no matter how many links are built to it. Because of this, high page rank backlinks are more valuable than ever. If you want to get higher page rank backlinks than you're currently getting, this list will help you find new sources.

#1 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Twitter

In recent studies, Twitter posts were shown to be some of the most effective high page rank backlinks at creating traffic for websites and raising them in the search rankings. If you don't already have a firm-wide Twitter account, you should get one today—it's quick and easy. Before you start building higher page rank backlinks using Twitter, though, you'll need to understand how the site works.

Essentially, you'll only get a very small amount of Twitter's value if you don't follow other people, get followed, and become part of conversations. If you're very much involved in Twitter, you are likely to get a large number of high page rank backlinks. Don't try to just spam people with advertisements—you're much more likely to get higher page rank backlinks and more re-tweets when you post links or comments that are genuinely compelling to your followers.

#2 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Youtube

Law firms that use video on their websites see conversion rates that are up to 100% higher than websites that rely only on text and static images. Youtube is a great way to have your videos hosted completely for free, and will be a great source of higher Page Rank backlinks for your website. In the description of your video, you can include high page rank backlinks for your website.

Youtube videos should ideally be longer than a minute but shorter than five minutes. This length seems to be the ideal length to capture viewers and get higher search rankings in Youtube's own internal searches. These high page rank backlinks from Youtube can be a great way to balance out lower page rank backlinks from other sources, so that you don't run the risk of being penalized by Google for using artificial links.

#3 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Facebook

The largest resource for B2C social media, Facebook is a resource that more lawyers should be exploiting. You can build higher page rank backlinks more rapidly using Facebook than almost any other service. Also keep in mind that your Facebook high page rank backlinks can actually be shared through several layers of people. This means that even if you only have 100 or so “fans” on Facebook, really terrific content could be viewed by thousands or tens of thousands of web viewers.

#4 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: StumbleUpon

This website works by finding new websites that users are likely to enjoy based on their interests and other favorite websites. If you have created some content that is interesting either to potential clients or to other attorneys, you may want to post the content on a web page, then submit the web page to StumbleUpon. This is a great way to let people see your link who aren't from your social circles—something much more difficult to accomplish with many other kinds of social media.

#5 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Reddit

Reddit is one of the internet's biggest social bookmarking websites. You can get higher page rank backlinks on this website when your link receives a large number of “upvotes” from the community. In order to get upvotes and your high page rank backlinks, you'll need to post content in the right subcategories, or subreddits. Posting to the wrong subcategories can get your posts deleted.

Keep in mind that if your link does rise to the front page of Reddit, you'll have very high page rank backlinks—but it'll also put a big load on your web servers. Make sure that you have the ability to handle traffic before trying to get higher page rank backlinks on Reddit or any other social bookmarking website. It won't help your reputation when people try to click on your website and are given an error message instead of the content they're looking for.

#6 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Digg

Much like reddit (in fact, Reddit was originally a Digg offshoot), today this website is waning in popularity but can still be a good place to include your high page rank backlinks. You'll also need to get community approval for the link to become popular on Digg. Boring content, or content that is very clearly an advertisement, will be either deleted or simply ignored by community members.

#7 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Slashdot

This website is really only a resource for attorneys working in tech oriented fields. However, if you're interested in talking about a legal issue in the intellectual property world, Slashdot can be a great place to get started. Slashdot has been around for a long time and has a dedicated audience of very influential tech people, so having your link seen here will often generate many higher page rank backlinks.

#8 Source for High Page Rank Backlinks: Tumblr

One source that can give really fast results—but one that most attorneys have to date completely ignored—is Tumblr. This is a blogging system that combines many of the best attributes of a blog hosted by Wordpress or Blogger with many of the social features and easy sharing that make it so simple to build higher page rank backlinks through Facebook or Twitter.

Most of the time, tumblr blogs are set up for very specific niches. Unlike most other types of blogs, they also have a tendency to be intentionally temporary—many of them last for only a few months of active updates.

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